Postcards from the third world

To all my brothers and all my sisters
And to all the immoral and corrupt ministers
To every stalker of a better luck
Who’s stuck in this orgy and doesn’t want to fuck
To all I send these postcards and prayers
May god give you food and DVD players

To the woman who ate rice from the gutters
To the unemployed scientist who quietly mutters
To all those born with a silver spoon
To every gangster and every goon
For all these people I ask from god
To teach them fishing and teach them fraud

To the new bride in the abortion clinic
To the girl in her womb - already a cynic
To the doctor who knows, had it been a boy
She wouldn’t have ever paid him to destroy
To all those stuck behind me in this traffic
I wish they had the eyes of national geographic

To all who see culture in this disorder
To our neighbor - seemingly blind to the border
To insincerity’s cadaver and to poverty’s vulture
And to all those who see disorder in this culture
For every beast and every man
I wish I could say there’s a better plan

To all the people in the second world and first
To all who don’t know how to spell worst
To every celebrity who comes so often
Gets pictures taken and adopts an orphan
To all you people I send love and care
And would never wish for you to be here

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