The Unassuming Suspect

Tea parties and stabs of invisible knives,
Makeshifts and deliberations of infidel wives,
Golden locks fluffing under nervous straw hats,
Mediterranean winds and mechanical rats

Telegrams and noisy facsimiles,
Maniacal laughs and evil smiles,
Wandering eyes behind Rembrandts fake,
The unmowed lawn , the blood on the rake

Corrupt accomplices and crystal balls,
Double-crossing bears and voodoo dolls,
Bullet-trains and bullets in brains,
The unassuming suspect’s innocence remains

The attention-deprived sleuth with the magnifying glass,
A trusty sidekick and a voluptuous lass,
A love affair maybe, and possibly some heat,
And then suddenly, all fades to deceit!

Magistrate courts and Scotland yard,
The all-knowing madman reciting the bard,
Secret talismans and cryptic obfuscations,
The cold-blooded murders’ juvenile hesitations

A wicked hunch then, Ah, the concluding clue!
Candle wax stuck under the prosthetic shoe,
It’s over, you think, and pay entertainment’s tax,
But what unfolds is an anticlimax

Pornographic flashbacks, and anxious gasps,
Everyone gathers around the fireplace like wasps,
An unexpected confession and the vindicated smile,
Oh wasn’t this all just worth your while?

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 License.


Merili said...

Was just wondering... do you find the Mediterranean winds in your poem to be harsh or light winds? Usually they are very light but cold...

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