It’s nothing, I think,
You’ll fade away
Not before long, I’m certain,
It’ll all be gray

I have no idea, or maybe I’ve forgotten
What gray looks like,
What sweet suffering it envelops
But I guess, I’ll be okay

It’s such a shame,
That everybody will be everybody, again
I’ll miss you, sure
But I’ll invent explanations

We can feed regrets to the future,
We can tumble blindly
We can survive through it all,
It’s just the romance that’s dead

Look at everything we’ve learnt through this,
Torrid chemistry of neurological protein sequences,
Isn’t that all love is?
Isn’t it as complicated as it gets?

So goodbye, sweet dream, goodnight and sweet dreams,
I’ve got leaping sheep to count,
I’ve got rhapsodies to illustrate with your memories,
I’m sure you’re busy as well.

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BrahmaRakshasa said...

hehe....nice to see u tracked me down.It's true, weedy has gone folksy, I personally blame it on a protein deficient diet but who knows.Meanwhile your blog seems to hv gotten pretty prolific, good on ya.

Shobhna said...

Interesting how on this blog, this is your poem, not the Baron's. Hmm.

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