Hopefully Yours

As the faithless freeze in fury
Fireflies flirt up a frosty night
Painted love has but dissolved
Repentance but a cold delight

Alas! Falsely convicted heart,
Why do you only beat when beaten?
You fitfully resonate and echo in the residue
Of sadness that suddenly seems to sweeten

Memories of that someone who twice upon a time
Resisted and insisted you turned to debris
Still you’re hopefully hers innocent heart-
Forever or until the devil runs free.


Jade said...

Wow I can really relate to this one ...one of my favorites of yours!

suraj sharma said...

thank you Jade, its quite an old one actually, found it lying on my hard drive recently and touched it up a bit.

Shobhna said...

I love.

Anonymous said...

simply awesome

Anonymous said...

its painfully hopeful!!really nice suraj

Anonymous said...

its painfully hopeful!!really nice suraj..shubhra

suraj sharma said...

Thank you all!

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