The Blessing's Disguise

The blessing's disguise was a man screaming murder
out on the railway crossing one sharp may noon
Confessing my surprise while i was scheming under
a delusional disregard for the day that came too soon

What Pyrrhic victory lay in his design and what truth he saw
i could not say but i could hear him yell "The King Is Dead",
but for whatever reason he dared not to add "Long Live The King"
behind his wails of despair and dread

What Villainy of the gods had befallen on our heads
i wondered, as i stood in the shadow of that thug,
armed with the reluctance of philosophers i asked him
where it was that the logical grave must be dug

"Two years henceforth", he replied, and fell asleep underneath
the poplar which overheard more than he spoke
it is then that i saw that the fortune i had found
in his truth's hibernation was the death of my joke.


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