This twisted tale of love (in 3 parts)

part one: and all that jazz

happy, the saxophone player is smiling at my driver
milly on the clarinet here...

we respire through broken teeth and ears that could only hear
we took a left turn
we took a right turn,
i watched my cigarette burn through her defenses
those delicate defenses
built to be broken by me and me and me alone
or me with a little help from her

part two: how do you say no

steady now, we sneak together to get her to witness the winter
we escape from the smell of the sun on our beds
we took a left turn to a breakfast
looking back, i still want more waffles

part three: beyond the disgust

empty cyclotron, spinning steam and brewing lust
blowing dust in the face of a history of uneven numbers
days, these days are older and darkened by the color of
all mysteries once revealed, now treasured.

space-suits will never become fashion statements,
here, we learn to fly before we walk.


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