When the artist becomes a teacher he begins to yearn
for another youth to teach and corrupt,
To instruct, for he thinks of himself as someone
who was anointed by the powers of the will to destruct
what he thinks is false, he thinks he's got the balls and the gall
to appall all those with twice the intestines
and half the guts.


Johan said...


Vinod Narayan said...

And then they complain that the new generation has no creativity!

suraj sharma said...

thanks Johan et Vinod! Much appreciated :)

Anonymous said...

I like this. By any chance, is this blog under a pen name? I'm dying to know if you might be one of my very dear and personal friends.

suraj sharma said...

Thank you anonymous!
and wo/man, who in their right mind would chose 'suraj sharma' as a nom de plume? i assure you i am a real person and this is my real name. :)

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