There’s a kaleidoscopic spectrum
Composed of every psychedelic hue
And whenever I’m faced by this spectre so rum
Then I think of you, and Scooby doo

Beyond this fleeting phantasmagoria
Lies the garden of Adam and Eve
Wherein you’ll find that perfect euphoria
Something you’d have to feel to believe

The subtle gyrations of the cogs that belong
To my father’s old grandfather clocks
Will generate nothing but apathy so strong
So unwind, my friend, and take off your socks

And let the ghosts of your past slide
In the evanescent traces of memories in smoke
Respite, and in yourself confide
It’s been so long since your heart last broke

Pink electrons suspended in ether above
Hypnotically serenading your senses
Until every shoe fits like a glove
And you have destroyed all your defenses

Pity the ones who scowl on your addiction
To these neurotoxins of nature
They’ll forever suffer in time’s friction
To hell with their law and legislature

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