Noumenon - 2

Titanium reinforced armor adorns my unrestrained wrath
I have slain every miracle that ran towards your aid
I refuse to carry this burden into oblivion
The burden of mistakes I have reluctantly made

Scimitars of demolition I chain to my hands
As this demonic hour passes through the night
For too long to my love I have owed this debt
I have no choice; unto death I shall fight

I await ragnarök with the sound of critters in my ears
And rattlers whisper to tell my sorry old tale
Of how your contagious insanities slaughtered my love
As the lord turned deaf at the sound of my wail

Like a madman I wandered in these infinite woods
For light years that stood afore our reunification
I had resolved to seek out vengeance divine
And allowed my impetus this minor modification

And now I am your greatest enemy
And now I am Noumenon’s death incarnate
I’ll tear through your flesh like you tore through my dreams
You’re driven by your fears; I’m driven by my hate

Inevitability stares with a death gaze at me
I’ve erased all borders between you and your rape
Summon your slain warriors and call all your beasts
Your fall is certain, there is no escape.

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