Suddenly your eyes; seem don’t seem as lewd
And your kisses taste like hospital food
Thought we came here to make love to each other -
But now all we’ve got is this fiery feud

What your mouth gives my mouth receives
Just your passive, pathetic, puked-up peeves
Suddenly the descant that played in my head -
Starts sounding like the sound of rustling leaves

I try to bury this hatchet of hate
And in jelly of patience let my love insulate
But suddenly your intentions of leaving are evident -
As are my intentions of blaming it all on fate

We’re trapped in this undertow of the falling tide
And all the forces against us, have staunchly allied
Suddenly I’m not the knight in shining armor -
And suddenly you’re not my benevolent bride

My visions of a flawless future stand re-arranged
As all your demands become discreet and deranged
And I realize this as you walk out my door -
How suddenly my whole life has changed

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