Apprehensive Giraffe

Long neck, approaching,
The airspace of the people’s republic of china,
Requesting permission to land,
On the cool green grass that grows
Around and under the palm trees in the distance

Hot air causes optical illusions
And hot air balloons
With their Technicolor exteriors
Cause collision in the sky

Mayday! Mayday!
But it’s July the eleventh, not may
Are we going to die?
I hope we are

The apprehensive giraffe watches in silence
As this metallic comet decides to descend
Ablaze and at great speeds
It takes a little time for the dust to settle

And when it does get calmer
I can hear large teeth chewing green grass
and sniffing my hair, perhaps
He wants to welcome me to Mongolia

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starry nights said...

Just beautiful .loved this poem.

Suraj said...

@starry nights:
thanks a lot! this poem also won a prize at an online poetry competition =)

Little giraffe said...

This poem is intense, mixed emotions swirling. The theme of the nonchalant giraffe is a good one. I'm a little confused about the desire to crash. But metaphorically the poem, and in particular, the long giraffe neck reminds me of the "Falling tower" card in the tarot. Is it hubris? or nature's way?

Suraj said...

@little giraffe:
thanks for visiting the blog.
the funny thing is, i didn't mean this poem to be metaphorical when i wrote it, i wanted to write something pretty straightforward, but then you know how words come tumbling out sometime, and it all seems as if it has some deeper meaning. But Does it really? all i can tell you is that it's definitely not hubris. :)

Merili said...

I like this one. Like little giraffe I have mixed emotions. My fave part is: mayday mayday... but it's not may, it's july eleventh- hehehe very witty.
I can see why it won the prize.
Well done - haven't read your stuff in a while, missed it.

Suraj said...

Much thanks for reading an appreciating, my poems missed you too ;)

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