Dystopian Dilemma


The victory of forces of reason
over forces of kindness,
Brings us to a point, where,
Science spills it’s guts out,
And people relish it’s delicacies.
And Self-righteous morons,
Stand in perfect concordance,
With their electronic gods,
Curse them!
Curse them! For they shall eternally rot,
In the abysmal trenches,
Of their self-constructed oceanic hell.


Trust not these bible-thumping idiots,
The time is ours, and hope,
Shares the same bed as us,
And you must never allow,
The morally irrational incantations,
Of those who believe in the suppression-
Of the logical forces of reason,
To hold you captive in the prison of false faith,
And the rituals of superstition.
Absolution; is not an undertaking of god,
Nirvana is a cerebral function and only your neurons,
Can perpetuate the feeling of eternal bliss.


This is all Bullshit!
Do you really believe in this?
The real logic always transcends,
Consciousness and all it’s cousins
And consciousness,
Can never be dictated.
It creates it’s own extremes,
It’s own laws, it’s own religion.
And the moment you subscribe,
To the theories of anything that,
Lies outside your consciousness,
Know, that you are no longer free.

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Joylita said...


How have you been??

Comments moderation was ON and I didn't realise it till a friend berated me for not accepting her comment :)

Hmm..you always seem to have interesting questions and even more interesting opinions.

Weedy (K) happens to be my boyfriend of 4 years :)

And contrary to what most people think, I'm a Bengali NOT. Why did u think I was bong?!!!(Ok..I have got really weird answers from people when I asked 'em why they thought I was bong, I might as well ask you:))

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