All at the same time

I watch the animated war of constellations,
Trying to separate -
The electron from electron glow,
What indistinct entanglement of light!
Getting caught between -
My eyelashes - tendrils of a Venus flytrap,
Open and inviting and unscrupulously seductive,
And as my prey takes it’s final plunge,
A suicidal dive into the depth of my eyes,
The irises can almost taste it,
Ah, the taste of succulent sleep!
To it’s flavor my retinas oscillate so violently,
That perhaps my eyes start drooling,
In their oh-so-efferent anxiety,
Expressed at the sweetest sight of slumber,
As it finally pulls the shutters of delicate skin together,
I can see,
How Orion draws it's sword out,
And beheads the great bear,
As in their in wicked words and symbols,
Some Neanderthals etch this battle's depiction,
On the inner walls of my head,
And my torch-illuminated skeletal chamber,
Coming alive to the archeologist’s interpretations,
Of these fireworks illustrating miniature supernovas,
Exploding in the crisp December skies,
All at the same time.


Bhavana Malhotra said...

I absolutely love this one. The play of words with refernce to something as simple as night, sleep and dreams (what I perceive of it of course). The imagery, the nuance you created in my head - very desirable. I can't find the word I'm looking for but I guess I could say that it was a playfully fun piece :)

suraj sharma said...

Thanks Bhavna!

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