Silent Revolution

For too long have we considered,
The fate of this rascal,
This phony, faker, poet,
But no more,
No more!
We cannot tolerate this absurdity,
Concealed in this philosophies divine,
Do you not see what he means?
By all this brouhaha,
Nonsensical gibberish in disguise,
Are you blind to his ambitions?
Or are you just blinded by your own?
Wake up comrades,
For a red sun dawns as it breaks,
The monotonous whispers of nocturne,
And abolish this mental serfdom,
To the redundancy of his thoughts,
Come, let us go back,
To the time when words,
Reigned on the prowess of consequence,
And kept imagination on a short leash,
Revenge, my friends, is the answer,
Retribution makes the world go round,
So let us all rise to pledge our oaths,
To our silent revolution of lies,
Rise! , Rise! , Rise!

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