The Immigrant's Dilemma

With my brain enveloped in a headphone silence,
I was thinking about my discussion with Pauline,
And contemplating crying,
Over the ashes of an unexplored future,

She told me she was bisexual,
And the whole room morphed into a huge whirligig,
This was like being in the fifth dimension,
A psychedelic incarnation of the truth

Was I evolving in slow motion?
I had suddenly discovered a tribe of humans,
On a different branch of reality,
I wished I had read more about the subject

And there was this kind of passive aggression,
Which never rose up to the bottom,
Because I had dreamt of the huntress’s society,
And my heart felt like a pencil sharpener

So who exactly was I fighting here,
Everybody and myself?
An incomplete thread of philosophy?
Aliens from a highly debatable outer space?

I simply did not have the information.

But it was not the idea of her making love to other women,
It was the idea of her loving anyone else,
anyone else,
but myself.

The poor man can only measure his love,
On the scales of jealousy of the color of her eyes
Oh! love is the immigrant's greatest dilemma,
And resilience his only ironical weapon.

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Shobhna Guerin said...

I think a vein in my brain just popped right there. That was gloriously beautiful. You must tell me sometime what it was that inspired you to write this. This is just.. beautiful.

But it was not the idea of her making love to other women,
It was the idea of her loving anyone else,
anyone else,
but myself.

Oh my. Wow. Yes I'm going to have to resort to monosyllabic responses here, because that part was just... wow.

You are so good at this. I'm quite speechless here. Wow.

surajsharma said...

Thank you very much, although I'm not very proud of this poem, it's extremely "emo" and i don't really want my poetry to like that. But thank you, so much. You shall definitely know the story behind this one, someday.

Shobhna Guerin said...

Well, quite honestly, "emo" is my genre of expertise.. which explains a lot, huh?

You definitely need to tell me the story, someday. :) You know where to find me!

Anonymous said...

I love it. Honestly for me too, I like "emo".
I just wanna know if it's true?

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