Secondhand Karma

Twilight came knocking like the highwayman,
Fell over my shoulders like a sudden burden of freedom,
It must have been the struggles of the day,
That rendered me so

For in the day I struggled for night,
At night I stood listening,
The sounds of the approaching day,
The omnipresent danger of daylight,
Squeezing my guts out my mouth

All this for the worth of a few stars,
Sprinkled about my illuminated Luna,
On a palpating platter, caressing our skin and feeding us -
Secondhand karma at subsidized rates,
For the glory hidden in our denial of it’s true color

Modern times saw the retail chain of stores selling ignorance,
Mediocrity stood at the receiving end of our altars,
Masters became snow-smugglers in cowboy hats,
Disentangled, yet not absconding -
From the balance sheet of the universe.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 License.


Prashant said...

beautiful work John!!!!!!

surajsharma said...

@dude with unhealthy sarcasm:
Thank you :)

david santos said...

Beautiful work. Rhank you

surajsharma said...

@senor santos:
muchas gracias :)

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