The Brownian Lark - Revisited

With the perfidy of a mildly charmed quark,
On a journey for answers I did not embark,
Nothing did the stars tell, nor the moon did hark,
Yet I gallantly gaited towards The Brownian lark

It wasn’t the clairvoyant that I sought to explain,
The explicit supernatural is lighter when it’s slain
But amongst somber skies, one crooked wind vane,
Was being a whirling dervish in excruciating pain

Coincidence was ever so gently humiliating,
When for the patient eleven-thirty I stood waiting,
A canine couple in distance shook facilitating -
Every pleasure afforded by their frivolous fornicating

The thunderous nimbi then moaned like a whore,
Our trio was soon caught in an orgasmic downpour,
Nature seemed hell-bent on revising the lore,
Of ill fate I could’ve asked but nothing more

For more than one dry reason I sought refuge,
From my unabashed audacity and from the deluge,
I pressed on for aridity with a saunter of a stooge,
Towards the only shelter of hope looming huge

I retraced my steps, never retrenched them back,
Though humidity before me was all drenched in black,
Though that time had lost me, I had found it’s track,
As I was awakened by an urge for a midnight snack.

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This is a spoof (sort of) on my trilogy of poems titled "The Brownian Lark". I have changed the pattern from AABB to AAAA just to make it a little more challenging. This is no way, however, related to the story of the trilogy, neither is it a sequel nor a prequel, it's just a spin off. The object of writing this poem was to ascertain the growth of my so called "skill" between the time that I wrote the other poems and now. In my personal opinion, I think I have decidedly shown some improvement, YMMV.

The Brownian Lark: Part One, Part Two, Parth Three


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