The Brownian Lark - Part Three

I don’t know why I went to The Brownian Lark,
But this mystery lady had just lifted the dark,
Surrounding her was a pool of light,
An angel with a halo, I knew was in sight

She came closer and stood next to me,
Time stood still. Her green eyes, were all I could see.
The grey clouds disappeared and the sun shined through,
Illuminated her aura, and lit my face too.

I might have believed, until now, that this was all fake,
But then she opened her mouth, and with the sweetest voice
“I know what you want to know”,
Appreciation for the situation, my face started to show.

“Pray, Tell me where I am”, I beseeched her,
And what happened thence, is all a blur,
For I woke up in my bed, in cold sweat,
Could one shot of vodka lead to this regret?

I realized it was all a vision,
But at the back of my head, I felt a bleeding incision,
The pain had followed me though the dream,
I felt as if I had just visited an alternate realm

I fumbled to check, how much I had bled,
And I saw red, all over my pillow and bed.
Rushed to the bathroom, aided my lesion,
As I pondered in spite of the lack of reason

Perhaps I never would be able to explain,
What ‘twas that happened that Tuesday in the rain,
But on my memory, that day left such a mark,
That now I never visit The Brownian Lark.

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