Devil’s Persuasion

I’m tired of walking, mile after mile,
Of this cruel desert, and of my life’s guile
An oasis amidst all this, I can see,
My fateful destination, it could be

But this oasis is just a mirage,
It’s stapled to this weird collage
I’m broken, divided and torn
And all notions of hope have lorn

I walk along, I cannot stay,
Devil’s persuasion won’t let me fray
Seeking miracles, that are hard to find
I tread this desert, I must be blind

As sandstorms blow themselves in my face,
Paranoia envisions, my fall from grace
I pay no heed, to paranoid thoughts,
Patience is something, I need in lots

Carcasses buried here, are constant reminders,
That the truth has no keepers, only finders
I chase the end, of this barren trail,
I can’t stop walking, ‘tho my legs are frail

I’m tired of walking, mile after mile,
I’m tired of this existence in exile
But the devil’s persuasion, feeds me with desire,
I’m ready to burn, but I have no fire.

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Shilpa said...

Simply love the last sentence...
"I am ready to burn but I have no Fire"....

suraj sharma said...

Thank you Shilpa! Much appreciated.

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