The Brownian Lark - Part Two

I don’t know why I came to The Brownian Lark,
But consciousness’ realization was awfully stark,
My eyes squinted , and ears heard a dog bark,
I knew I was no more at The Brownian Lark

Looming in my mind, were possibilities of chance,
But it didn’t feel like a holdover, and not a happenstance,
For I was lying besides the ocean, sandy and wet,
Could one shot of vodka lead to this regret?

My senses still struggled to recover from the shock,
And memories were held up somewhere, by a great block
The back of my head was perhaps bleeding,
And the pain did not seem to be receding

I found a paper in the pocket of my shirt,
Unfolded it and wiped off the dirt,
The markings on it were even more confusing,
Than my weird predicament, which wasn’t amusing

Perhaps my mind was feigning all of this,
But even then I sensed something amiss,
Reason and it’s friends were absent today,
And their severance painted the sky a mournful grey

As along the beach, I started to tread,
Wondering what the doodles on paper said,
The harder I tried, the farther away from the truth I went,
And I wondered why I was so blissfully spent

Saturated with frustration, I threw the paper away,
It floated a while in the wind, before sinking in the bay,
My Contemplations and Ponders were interrupted now,
By a woman who appeared, I don’t know from where or how


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