The Candy Fields

The young boy, oblivious to confusion,
Unaware of ineffable pains of adulthood,
Blissed out on innocence, more than he should,
Roams in the candy fields of utopian illusion

Lollipops and chocolates, flourishing in fields,
And other delights he hasn’t savored yet,
Over unforeseen consequences, he doesn’t fret,
And desires to taste everything this land yields

Sugar apples on a distant tree, are all bright red,
They enslave the young lad, enthrall him,
He knows he can’t escape this whim,
The soil he runs on now, is sweet gingerbread

He stands below the sugar apple tree,
Crestfallen and dejected.
The candy tree of his distant dreams is severely infected,
He encounters disappointment of a fair degree.

Then he sees a mountain, and his spark returns,
The peak is covered thick with ice-cream,
Scaling the crag, he chases another dream,
With all the passion , his little heart burns.

He climbs and climbs, but the higher he ascends,
The farther away, the mountain top appeared,
He is now afraid of something he never feared,
With each step of his, the peak’s stature appends.

The lesson learnt then, by this thwarted kid,
Is something I wish we all could learn,
That the rules of nature are ruthless and stern,
The ice-cream mountain is really a giant squid.

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