Bleeding Candles

The night falls, across the lands
Mist envelopes, and clouds descend,

Shadows emerge, to comprehend,
This paradox, that before me stands

Lights are shy, to blind me tonight
So I light my love, the candles of sorrow,

Wishing for a better tomorrow,
Dreaming to dream it’d all be alright

The candles bleed, as the night proceeds
I watch the flames flicker in the breeze,

But their dance fails to put me at ease,
As it all reminds me of my obtuse deeds

The grinning moon, and the mocking stars
Poke at my gashes, and watch me cry,

I close my eyes, and watch them dry,
It’ll be morning soon, I’ll forget my scars

Breaking the silence, the darkness hissed
And it told me how the sun will dawn,

And a new era of glory will spawn,
And how I’ll find, all that I’ve missed.

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