Lighthouse Blues

There once was a lighthouse,
On the cold shores of the baltic,
It was purposeless and desolate,
Like the man who lived in it.

He was a loner, just like me,
But a less fortunate one
For he once fell in love, unlike me
On a cold land under the sun

I don't know what became of her,
or him, but he never fell in love again
I sense a constant void in him,
It screams her name in his soul

And, it's so loud even I can hear, but,
Pity he deserves not, self resepct intact,
He's still in love with her, i think,
As a matter of fact.

Regrets and guilt keep us company,
As we fish for lost days,
Silence makes it's absence felt by it's presence,
And the sun fades with a purple haze.

At dinner we sip some red-red wine,
And loose every sense of time,
He's lost in thoughts of his lost love,
I'd like to be lost in mine.

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