The Falling Pianos

To look up, where hope grows,
I was trying, and how lord knows
But up is where the troubles are at,
Two pairs of scissors and a vampire bat.

The Scissors smile, cutting through the rope,
And the bat squeals, "Abandon all hope"
The end seems near, and I stand in defiance,
I've lost my courage, and am shorn of alliance.

Then the rope fails me too, and reveals her veins,
And I witness the death of whatever remains
The scissors leave, their work is done,
And allow the bat to have his fun.

These falling pianos, are sneaky stalkers,
They spare none of my fellow walkers
The vampire bat now sucks all hope,
My wounds reopen, they blame the rope.

It'll take some time now, 'ere i look up again,
I begin to hear the sweet lullaby of pain
With words of counsel, the bat flies away,
The winds of change shall forever sway.

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