Sunset of a totally awesome life

This totally awesome life of mine,
Hasn’t been without it’s faults,
Secrets kept behind closed doors,
And lovers kept in golden vaults

Prized possessions I have but few,
I haven’t many houses, and I haven’t many cars,
Only an old bookshelf, full of rusty volumes,
And memories of a girl, in a heart full of scars

I don’t know anyone of my lineage and blood,
I prefer recluse to company these days,
Having no regard for relatives and their motives,
Maybe this cynicism is just a passing phase

On this lovely sunset, of my totally awesome life,
I snatch a little moment, from time’s hands,
And remember my folks in the days of their glory,
Because on my doorstep, the grim reaper stands

Any day now, the priest will come,
And refer to me as “Dearly Departed”,
And the impish kids of my sorrowed sister,
Will probably chuckle, “dearly de-farted”

So I say goodbye, to this world at last,
And thank everyone for all they taught to me,
And especially to that girl in my heart,
For all the regrets she brought to me.

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