Twilight of Time

Twenty seven mornings, spent hung over,
In the twilight of time I stand,
One year has been, one will be
All about you, and your memory

Blue skies beckon me, to travel through,
This twilight of time, and discover,
Who I really am, and conquer
What is not mine

But dear disappointment, don't steal from me,
The possiblity of anything but you,
I think I'll find you, this time too,
And if I run away, you'll wait and see

You wish I'd run into your arms, and cry,
But this twilight of time, instills hope,
Oh I know how you hate her, but,
I wonder why.

Hope only wishes to be friends,
Can't you see how high she lifts me?
Just so you can watch me fall,
And amuse yourself, at my misery

So dear disappointment, I'm sorry
For forgetting about you.
These new friends aren't worth a dime,
This hope and that dream,

And this twilight of time.

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