It's an incongruent testament
to our so called friendship
sparkled by silence
that's glittering over roads that separate me from you

It's an uneasy truce
that i share with desire.
It's a travesty on the flames of burning passion
to be soaked to their deaths with visions of a future alive

I’ll confess that I’m as terrified
as the firecracker traveling in a submarine
wondering if you're the lone torpedo
debating over it's reasons to explode

drives us both insane, in the same direction.

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blogonmyblog said...

Hmm..Thanks for the post. The 'flamethrower' part escapes me. I'll bother reading your posts.

Hesitation (it's an apter title), I can feel the tension.

Suraj Sharma said...

@rohit: thanks for reading, much appreciated. :)

blogonmyblog said...

Thanks for visiting the blog.

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