From here on in

where does it go from here on in?
this twilight - but a nervous delay
wouldn't you like to stay another second, son?
before this silence gets in our way
watch consequence, draped in flowing irony
with suspense, in it's most brutual renditions-
murdering every passing second slowly

we all talk but it's all the same
us poster boys for caricatures of an ignorant sin
rescue us, for we have sinned a dream,
and it's devouring us from deep within
take no chances son, fate is deadly,
it orchestrates a dilemma in a mesmerizing medley
remember, for all it takes is memory
to forget that the future is frivoulous and fake

let all your fires sleep in peace inside
abandon all those who are better left alone
the pathological liar in you is an excellent guide,
when you're travelling through emotions obscure and unknown
the world is not worthy of your tears, my child,
but it's changed by your anguish, and pain however mild

pick your questions with effortless care,
dare, for all you can do is dare,
and when the night snatches all blankets of hope,
wrench your lungs dry and throw punches in the air
then relax, because from there on in,
it's all despair,
it's all despair.

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