The time flies

Doom, to the dog of the goon, my friends,
Doom, to the death of the wise
Doom, to our efforts and amends,
Doom, to paradise!

Death, to the fog over moon, I said,
Death, to her innocent cries,
Death again, to the one who puts,
A death to our disguise.

Or our disguise to a death, I mean,
Or his confidential lies,
Or our lust for the color green,
Or the way the time flies.

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Jade said...

I love this catchy rhythm and harsh realism with a dark kind of beauty...

ying-ko-4 said...

Fascinating use of words to convey emotions and deeper thoughts. Meter was nice and fit quite well.

Vinod said...

Bravo..! :)

Suraj Sharma said...

thank you everyone!

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