Circles Of Desire

It is not my duty
And no woman of earthly beauty
-Could convince me to stop-
Within these circles of desire
Or rest in a shallow quagmire

There is no obligation
Forced upon me by any sensation
-Curiosity, hunger or simply lust -
To stay within these circles of desire
I’m on a journey and can’t retire

I’m high above such petty distractions
Motivation smiles behind all my actions
-Oh but it wasn’t always the same-
I was once trapped in a circle of desire
A soap bubble cage that was set on fire

Inevitably bubble burst
I came out devoid of all thirst
-Learnt an excruciatingly painful lesson-
Erased all the circles of my desire
Sold all my dreams to the next buyer

And though my heart now is dark and sooty
But she was a woman of unearthly beauty
-I know it might never be the same again-
But I will never stop in the circles of my desire
To prove to her that I’m not a liar

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