Inconsequence is Immortal

I hear now the imaginary ocean
In all it’s glory and with all its devotion
Stretching herself around the infirmary bed
Where I lay almost dead and devoid of motion

Electronic contraptions, inventions of man
Busily buzz and whirr and beep
Injecting into me their electrical tentacles
And sucking away my blood and sleep

The nurse on the night shift today
Sits besides me on this craft
That I’ve made above the hospital linen
And which resembles a mighty wooden raft

As time approaches of my furlough
I fight lonesome, long and overwhelming battles
Against the inconsequence bent to devour me
Whilst my time like a sidewinder rattles

And suddenly then; the night shift nurse
Soaking wet in my remorse and slur
Morphs into an equally gorgeous -
Incarnation of Lucifer

She kisses my paralyzed self
And runs her pale hands thorough my black hair
Whispers in my ear, “inconsequence is immortal”
I whisper into hers, “I don’t fucking care”

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