Rasputin’s Revolver

Flare and smoke and a pointy copper shell,
Your own personal rocket on a staircase to hell
Rasputin’s revolver and it’s front loading muzzle
A dash of my ire and there goes this puzzle

A promptly squeezed trigger causes inanimate combustion
Claustrophobic mind opens up to the congestion
Like molten lava escaping from a lubricated vent
There’s nothing you can do then, nothing but repent

There always lies a way to put an end to this dissension
When you get too old and barely eke out a pension
And life becomes a bitch and the only way to dissolve her
Is a fucked up mind and this Rasputin’s revolver

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Anonymous said...

I cant comment.. URGH
- aditi
but as i was trying to say.. its an interesting poem with some references that caught my eye
the part i liked best was the claustrophobic mind opening up to congestion

Anonymous said...

i typed this elaborate comment and it wont lemme post =(
now u get a short crappy one
like the line : "Like molten lava escaping from a lubricated vent" .. pictured brains oozing out of the skull, not sure if thats what u were going for..

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