And thus I,
Remain uncoiled,
Between the sheets
My drawers are soiled

And you remain, desecrated,
In my sorry soul,
Engulfed in your own mélange
Enveloped by your camisole,

I relapse,
As I collapse,
Is this for certain?
I’m unsure. Perhaps.

But Strange,
as it seems,
But we never get as close
As we do in dreams.

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Shitrint said...

this poem makes me think and feel of lonliness...
i relate to this pice here and i guess i can feel the thought...
my interpretation might be wrong from wat ur trying to put across...but well...i can visualise barrenness right now...and think of an dull numb void!

surajsharma said...

aww...sorry my poem made u feel so lone :( it wasn't the intention, i swear!

Shitrint said...

oh no not at all!!
it didnt make me feel lone...it didnt make me feel sad..well actually in a way it did make me feel sad and lonely...but being sad and lonely is now a comfort zone for me...i love being that way!
i simply love ur poems..i always do coz i get reminded of myself sometimes when i read ur masterpieces!
take care!

surajsharma said...

haha, oh you're spoiling me with all the praise, but thanks anyways :)

Shitrint said...

if u write a really 'worthless' poem i wont praise u.. ;-)
till then, cant help being a fan of ur poems!

Merili said...

This one is beaitiful. I like your work a lot.

surajsharma said...

thanks a lot :)

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