In disparate quotes, my god emotes
Slowly I watch my destiny unfold
Perpetual journeys in sinking boats
No sunken treasure. No pirate gold.

Melancholia reigns, and anger remains
My eyes wrapped in celluloid dreams
My patience in it’s captivity drains
No retribution. Just a void that screams.

This lunacy’s spree, it sets me free
But freedom was never a goal contested
I prayed but just for the sight of thee
Ah! But my prayers were self-infested

This lycanthrope, once tied to a rope
Now freely howls under waxing moon
He asks with whom did his fortune elope?
And why the fuck did she leave so soon?

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Aditi said...

Brilliant.. i wish there was one line that i could point to or identify with...the whole thing is brilliant

Rose said...

I know this phase is horrible to go thru...

But time is the only healer here..

Time alone can fill the void within..
Time alone can wipe away the melancholy..
Time alone can free you from the quagmire of memories and desire..

Take Care..



Rose said...

Btw.. Luved the template.. Esp the "pull"..


surajsharma said...

Thanks a lot, dear, i really appreciate your support.
Thank you so very very much :)

TJ said...

Beautiful Mr. S. Absolute. A pleasure to read.


surajsharma said...

Thanks a lot :) and thanks for visiting my humble blog.

Shitrint said...

excellent poem suraj!!

the last stanza says it all!!

and i really loved the concept of "the pull"!
take care!

ketki said...

wonderful poem!
keep writtin'!

surajsharma said...

thanks so much, dear :)
thanks for visitin my blog ! :)

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