Bubblegum Requiem

I am a man whom nobody loves
Because for a living I sell balloons
And make condoms out of surgical gloves
For her majesty’s urging platoons

Into me they push their pins
And I tie my mind in rubber bands
Am I not proud of these sins?
Must she grant all their demands?

They chew me and they spit me out
They’ll never write me a requiem
And I don’t have a fucking doubt
For I’m not a fucking bubblegum

I’m fed drips of melting plastic
I’m made to lick burning tires
And kismet’s motives are rarely scholastic
But I’ll live and learn till will expires

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Aditi said...

Interesting at first glance.. will re-read it later

Rose said...

Haha.. Hey Blinky..

Wat an tasteful poem on something as mundane as a bubblegum..

"I am a forced accomplice in puerile pranks,
Stuck to a frizzy hair or an unassuming bottom,
Fragrance and Flavour lost to smelly gobs,
Damn! I am just a sticky god-froesaken gum"

LOL... I know .. Bad try.. ;))

Pssst.. Didnt like the template at all.. Too orangy and too bright..

surajsharma said...

Thanks, but the poem ain't about a bubblegum :(
anyways i really liked your take on the whole thing, and the poem was really good, not a bad try at all :)

oh and i just migrated to blogger 2.0 and it's in beta right now so i can't make a new template, sorry you had to stare at this stupid template.

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