Friendship Rules

I remember back when I was young
The adulthood bells still hadn't rung
In the nation's capital we used to dwell
When life was peachy and all was well

Friends were neighbors and neighbors were friends
And a simple sorry made all the amends
In the breeze of summer nights and under the sun
Me and my friends would often play badminton

Gauri, Pooja, Shilpi, Suraj and Prateek
None of us were shy, none of us was meek
And blessed souls we were indeed
Always there in each other's need

Many a things my heart remembers
That secret club with seven great members
And all the festivities and all the celebrations
Some memories are lost in life's facilitations

But the winds of time blew much to soon
And we had to part with this joyous song's tune
And I remember that one sad goodbye
Oh! when I barely managed not to cry

We all moved on, and we let life progress
But we all missed each other, and this I confess
That I'd sell my soul to relive the glory
Of those golden days; of that old story

And we reunite now; in this virtual realm
We're doctors and lawyers and people at the helm
And let this be said to adulthood's bells
Our friendship RULZ! And nothing else.

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Gauri said...

This is by far my favorite .... and I Love You for writting this beautiful poem...

Glad to be back in touch ...


surajsharma said...

Hey thanks a lot dear! I dedicate this poem to you cuz you asked me to write it :)

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