Wake up, brave sleeper,
Thor’s hammer strikes the midnight’s gong,
Wake up, slave reaper,
And heed not the sleepy cradlesong

Wake up, destiny’s unlearnt mistake,
And in the milky moonlight bathe thy ebony hide,
Awaken! You fool! Your existence is fake,
Awaken, and follow the rising tide

Walk on the thread on which you let clothing dry,
Walk on the hollow construction girders,
Walk on, against your equilibrium’s cry,
Walk! I command you, And commit seven murders

Step over sanity’s restricting threshold,
Step over see-saws and step over swings,
Step over to this side, come now, be bold,
Step on the instincts your drowsy conscious brings

Saunter, across these ill illuminations,
Beyond these, there are great fields of corn,
Tread across the roads that join great nations,
Damnations! You should’ve heard that big truck’s horn!

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