There was still a little brain left in my tumor,
Which shouted out the words to the forbidden rumor,
The meek shall inherit the automatic earth,
With metallic mendicants of immutable girth

A veneering illusion induced by this maze,
An invisible placebo peering through tobacco haze,
Slowly disappearing footsteps in shoals of silvery sand,
Like nylon stocking lassos in a lipstick lesbian land

The factual broadcast was inaudibly loud,
Yet unable to distinguish the crowd from the crowd,
My fascination with the demivierge’s repulsive caricature,
Reflected upon reflection, the perversity of my nature

In another epilogue to the never ending story,
I stood upon my knees in a heartbroken glory,
For which perverseness is not a blessing in disguise?
Which human role did I not reprise?

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