The Rhapsodizing Queen

So the rhapsodizing queen of the soul-peering conglomerate,
Rechristened me as the unloved frog,
As I sat deliberating over lotus leaves and algae,
Quietly observing the February fog

The moon colored me in a darker shade of green,
The wind carried me to an undisclosed tomorrow,
With the chloroform hanging low above my marshes,
Sedating me as it dissipated in my evanescent sorrow

My sad croaks were heard by none but the croc,
The helicopter wielding periscope of god never saw,
That I could chew myself through this watery grave,
My diabolical plan was never with a flaw

But this deliverance I owe to the queen,
For I never would have managed to repay the cess,
I never unlearnt the allegiance of being a true royal subject,
And that I shall be and nothing less.

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For a new friend.


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