note to self

Keep shining, dear poet.
Loose naught thy false-sight,
Which measures reflections that measure shadows
But over these haunted cobblestone streets -
Shadows are soldiers of an undying war

Keep shining, dear poet,
There are still words waiting to be impregnated,
With your off-springing meaning -
With your colossal nothingness colliding with itself
Haven’t brochures persuaded the innards of you yet?

Keep shining, dear poet,
Lonely milestone digits still await your impatient glance,
The gentle sweepings of your headlight lamps -
Are their only hope in this ravenous night,
For it embodies no whispering soul

Keep shining, dear poet,
Even if you know you’re sinker-tied,
The syntactic and the synthetic won’t attain your desperation,
For they’re the finest scientists of the underwater reflection-
Gazing into the depths of a bewildering ravine

Keep shining, dear poet,
Think about what you were thinking,
Then utter the ghastly gasp and gossip given over a garbagy garb,
Resonate in silence and peddle to the beat -
Of rusting locks and damnable wall clocks

Keep shining, dear poet,
You’re worth much more than your worth is worth you,
Stop counting the blemishes on your daguerreotype,
There’s not a single reflection of the truth -
In this submerged house of crazy mirrors.

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Merili said...

Keep shining indeed! This is a beautiful poem and i like the title.

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